Project Year: 2017 Location: Balıkesir

Type: Service Area: 2.453 m² Status: Ongoing

Rest Stop Km-178

The Motorway Project  which will decrease the travel time between İstanbul and İzmir to 3.5 hours when completed in 2019, forms an important spine between two of the most important cities in Turkey. The necessity to have service facility buildings that reference the surrounding environment while at the same time have architectural integrity, on 13 different points of this axis, pointed us in the direction of a modular and flexible building typology which responds to changing requirements of different tenants.

Formed by the repetititon of vaulted modules that differentiate in size according to the functions beneath them, the service facility building in Susurluk hosts two restaurants, a market and other service areas. The entrance patio that follows the form form of the building with its canopy, allows the all-year-long use of the facility while enriching the functional connection between the interior and the exterior.