OZU Faculty of Engineering

Project Year: 2010 Location: Istanbul

Type: Education Area: 26.500 m² Status: Completed

Team: Roger Klein, Bülent Ergin Güngör, Nuran Eryeler, Emre Gürsoy, Barış Başat, Can Dağarslanı, Şila Siva, Selin Demir, Cenk Aykut

Photo ©: Selen Çelik, Bülent Ata Güngör, OZU Photography Club

OZU Campus concept project was constructed around the academic spine formed in the parcel extending from the South to the West. The first academic structure of the campus, the Faculty of Engineering, was designed as a structure connecting the southern entrance, which is the lowest elevation, with the main academic axis. It defines both horizontal and vertical academic circulation and strengthens the concept perception from the road front.

It was aimed to meet all the needs of the campus until the campus was completed. It is designed as a multi-purpose building with classrooms, laboratories, offices, academic units, auditorium with 350 people and additional functions and service areas. Particularly on the southern façade additional shading and solar control are provided in order to lower the maintenance and power costs.

The project, which received the LEED Gold certificate, was completed with the implementation of the design parameters, which were created jointly with the LEED consultant of all project groups during the certification and projecting phase. Additional measures have been taken on the facade and the mechanical components in order to obtain better energy recovery and energy control. On the other hand, all materials that are used, including the furnituresm have been determined by their technical properties that are within the specified limits. During the whole study period, both project team and project management were informed about the process. Simultaneous updates have been reached in accordance with the probable or expected deficiencies or needs.