Project Year: 2013 Location: Istanbul

Type: Education Area: 26.000 m² Status: Completed

Team: Roger Klein, Bülent Ergin Güngör, Emre Gürsoy, Nuran Eryeler, Şila Siva, Ergün Kutlutürk, Veciye Öztürk

Photo ©: Selen Çelik, Bülent Ata Güngör, OZU Photography Club

English preparation school (SELI) building, designed as a part of Ozyeğin University çekmeköy campus, is located next to the student center building. Due to its high student capacity, there are three entrances: the first one is the main entrance. The second entrance is near the campus valley and welcomes the dormitories whereas the third entrance enables students to access the cafeteria located in the student center. It was decided in the building orientation that in order to decrease the air conditioning costs, the gallery spaces would be located in the south. The energy consumption of the building was decreased to the minimum thanks to the semi-passive air conditioning techniques and special lighting technology. The SELI building, aside from an english prep school building, is developed according to the need4b project "european commission through the seventh framework programme" and constitutes one of the five demonstration areas of the project.