Rooms Galata Hotel 

Project Year: 2008 Location: Istanbul

Type: Hospitality Area: 1.400 m² Status: Completed

Team: Bülent Ergin Güngör, Nuran Eryeler, Can Dağarslanı, Cenk Aykut, Selin Demir, Nazlıhan Güngör

Photo ©: Camille McOuat, Gültekin Sözen, Can Dağarslanı

Rooms Galata Hotel is situated on the hostorical and multi-cultural neighborhood of Beyoglu. Previously, two separate appartment buildings lacking their historical characters, the new owners of the building asked us to turn it into a butique hotel with its historical appearance brought back. The two individual buildings we connected through a lobby while keeping the integrity of both building structure, they become a 16 rooms hotel showing its historical value that was hidden underneath years of negligence. The already existing but disapeared textures and elements were brought back after a careful renovation, modern implementations of interior elements, as well as infrastrucature, has been added carefully without any harm to the structure. The rooms and common areas of the hotel has been equiped with modern needs of a well equiped contemporary hotel for the needs of the guest.