SEV High School

Project Year: 2018 Location: Istanbul

Type: Education Area: 14.000 m² Status: Ongoing

Team: Bülent Ergin Güngör, Can Dağarslanı, Caner Ölçüşenler, Uğur İmamoğlu ,Ozan Duvarcı

The project was designed for the new campus of the secondary school unit replacing the existing Istanbul Çamlıca campus as a result of the invited competition organized by the Health and Education Foundation in 2018.

The new campus is located in the Nisantepe district of Çekmeköy Alemdag neighborhood on a 27.000 m² land, with a capacity of 704 students secondary school campus and other additional buildings with an indoor area of 14.000 m². The campus masterplan was designed by considering the connection between the existing high school campus and also additional education buildings and the dormitory that can be bulit in the coming years.

The land is adjacent to the existing high school campus and has a height difference of about 30 meters. The main starting point of the design is class masses, which are located on the north-south axis connected to the east-west backbone, which settles the current slope with a 4-meter elevation difference. The east point of the land also forms the main entrance of the campus. The entrance of the existing high school campus was also considered before deciding the main access to the new campus.

Class masses connected to the main spine with 4-meter elevation differences on the north-south axis. The masses grouped by age groups in accordance with the given program are opened to the landscape on the double fronts by taking advantage of the elevation difference. These landscapes are shaped as activity and sports areas for students. All open and closed spaces where students can use during the lesson and break time are included in these class groups.

The facades facing the inner courtyards are designed with transparent materials and color codes to add dynamism to the daily life of the students. These facades open to sheltered inner courtyard landscapes in each class group.


Starting with a landscape that will enable various activities such as main enterance, ceremony and celebration areas, it continues with the volume of reception and management programs of the campus, the first building of the spine. This volume gives the valley a facade and positions itself over the entire campus. Under this volume, there is a sports center program embedded in the land which is reached by vertical circulation.

The management volume is connected to the following floor of the spine by taking advantage of the elevation difference including the vistas opening to the valley by the grand ramp. The first floor is the library and the terrace opening to valley, below floor is the dining hall and forum spaces. The last floor of the spine ends with the auditorium and the landscape surrounding it.

All of this design decisions aims to integrate natural light and integrate the whole landscape with all indoor volumes of the campus. As a general approach, a monumental, calm and rhythmic design was considered on the facades facing the valley. This design will, in time, create a reference that does not lose its sensation and power in the chaotic and characterless Çekmeköy region.