BG Architects is a multi disciplinary company where we do everything from interior design to masterplans. Since its inception, we take history and culture into the centre of our approach towards new architecture. We began our story in 1996 when Bulent Ergin Gungor established his architectural practice in Istanbul. Since then, we extended our work to different cities such as Princeton, USA, Bucharest, Romania and recently Bodrum, Turkey.

We believe that collaboration on a multidisciplinary scale is key to achieve the best possible outcome. That is why we have been collaborating with different professionals on different fields. Ozyegin University is the main example of BG Architects’s collaborations. Together with Ark, we have performed the project together for 4 years, they have been accomplishing the designing and administration inspection of 10 buildings, which constitutes the University’s Cekmeköy campus.

BG Architects undertakes the inspection of restoration and administration to primary historical buildings. As an architectural office, it carries out the projects’ administration and inspection such as working centers, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, casinos and holiday centers.